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b) Pasteurization

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b) Pasteurization

Product Description

Pasteurization is one of the most important stages of food processing with a direct impact on quality and shelf life. Gemak automatic pasteurisers are stand alone units with automatic control of pasteurization temperature, flow diversion and continuous data recording for traceability and quality systems. Our design allows optimum high heat recovery for low operating cost. Pasteurizers are also available with  integrated dosing/mixing systems for speciality products and inline CIP systems with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 l/h. All pasteurizers are pre-assembled and factory-tested to allow speedy installation and commissioning on site.

Gemak skid mounted modular pasteurization systems are manufactured with plated, tube in tube and scrape surface heat exchanger technologies for:

-  Milk

- Fruit juice

- Honey

- Cream

- Ice Cream

- Brine

- Egg

- Ketchup

- Mayonnaise

- Beer

- Wine.

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